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Source: Mintel Group Ltd., Global New Product Database (GNPD), Growing Up Milk (One year and above), Cow Milk, Global, May 2020

Introducing World’s first organic a2 toddler milk Our most advanced formulation

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organic A2 baby formula

Genica-8™ Formula

Bellamy’s Organic™ Beta Genica-8™ is our most advanced formulation. It combines the purity of organic ingredients with functional nutrition, supported by the latest in paediatric research.

science behind A2 baby milk
Organic A2 Beta-Casein Protein

Organic A2 Beta-Casein Protein

Exclusively sourced from organic cows and bred to naturally produce only the A2 beta-casein protein milk

cognitive benefits of A2 baby milk

Cognitive Function

Iodine, Iron & Zinc

Iodine and Zinc contributes to normal brain function and Iron contributes to brain development.

A2 milk for immunity

Immune System Function

Zinc, Iron and vitamins A, B12 and C

Essential for healthy immunity

Synbiotic Blend

Synbiotic Blend

Probiotic Bifidobacterium, (BB-12®) & Dual Prebiotics Oligosaccharides GOS/FOS

Scientifically researched to create a unique synbiotic blend

BB-12® is a Trademark of Chr. Hansen A/S

Normal vision

Normal Vision

Zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin B2

Algal sourced DHA & Lutein

Algal sourced DHA & Lutein

Our algal sourced DHA and the dietary carotenoid Lutein is extracted without using any solvents.

Digestive system

Digestive system

Our full cream milk is a good source of calcium which contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes.

Australian made

Made in Australia

Proudly made in Australia from certified organic milk.

Super Premium Packaging

Easy access scoop

Easy Access Scoop

Measuring scoop clips under top lid for better hygeine, keeping fingers away from powder

Tamper Evident Lid

Tamper Evident Lid

Tamper evident seal custom designed to ensure product security once it leaves the factory

Foil sealed freshness

Foil Sealed Freshness

Protective foil sleeve keeps the formula fresh and provides a second tamper evident seal

Made from A2 certified organic milk

A2 formula stage 3

Beta Genica-8™ Toddler Milk

Bellamy’s Organic Beta Genica-8™ Step 3 Toddler Milk Drink is our most advanced formulation which is made from A2 certified organic milk. It combines the purity of organic ingredients with functional nutrition, supported by the latest in paediatric research. Carefully crafted to support active toddlers from 1 to 3 years of age, when dietary intake may be inadequate.

Certified Organic
Bifidobacterium, BB-12®
A2 beta-casein protein
Dual prebiotic
Full cream milk
No added sucrose, glucose or maltodextrin
Australian Made
Algal sourced DHA
No neurotoxic hexane

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